If you’ve struggled with weight gain, and exercise and diet just haven’t given you the dramatic transformation you’d like, VASER Lipo (trademark VASERlipo™) can help. VASER Lipo uses a precise, minimally invasive liposuction technology that produces eye-catching results in just one procedure without the discomfort and long recovery times of typical liposuction treatments.

Las Vegas plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, uses hi-def lipo to carefully sculpt the bodies of his patients by removing fat from some areas of the body and if needed, reinjecting the fat into the same areas (or others) to enhance contours. Hi-def lipo is a great option for patients who are healthy but need a little help to get well-defined muscles and an impressive, shredded look.

The procedure is tissue-selective, targeting fat while protecting other tissues from damage. It’s powerful enough to eliminate substantial areas of fat but gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the neck and arms. VASER Lipo is clinically proven to produce even results in treated areas, leaving your skin smooth and your body beautiful.

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The ultrasonic energy is transformed primarily to vibration energy which is transmitted to the fat cells by small probes (between two and three millimeters). The fat cells are “shaken” apart and then mixed with fluid, which is infiltrated by the surgeon at the onset of the operation. Then, small cannulas are used to suction and remove this fat/water mixture (emulsification).

Advantages of VASER Liposuction:

  • VASER Lipo does not require a general anesthetic
  • Minimally invasive – no damage to other body tissues
  • Minimal risk of bleeding, bruising and discomfort
  • Minimal downtime – VASER Lipo is a walk-in-walk-out procedure
  • Less scarring, less bruising
  • Stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter skin for many patients, while conventional Liposuction may occasionally result in sagging skin

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess abdominal skin and fat, then tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall and tightens and smoothes the area around the navel. A tummy tuck will be slimmer and trimmer not only in the waistline but all the way from your upper abdomen down to your bikini line.

Tummy Tuck Patient 1

Best Candidates

VASER high definition liposuction is best for patients who are already somewhat fit, have good underlying musculature, and they don’t have a lot of fat to remove. This procedure is directed to those patients who look for definition and want to become (shredded). They may have a little extra fat, but without assistance from a treatment such as VASER, they can’t get the well-defined body that they desire. Candidates should also have good skin elasticity, so the skin won’t sag after the surgery.


Improved overall shape and contours of the body. Standard VASER results are very subtle and natural. If you prefer a more athletic, defined or sculpted appearance, VASER Hi-Def or VASER Mid-Def may be better options for you. Your realistically achievable results will be discussed with you during your free consultation with Dr. Khorsandi.

Many patients see results straight away. However, the improved overall appearance will become prominent in the months following the procedure. The treatment can help remove stubborn areas of fat but cannot rid of excessive amounts of bulging skin, for which an abdominoplasty will often be better suited.



The VASER Liposuction procedure involves minimal downtime and you can get back to your daily routine within a couple of days, depending on the areas treated. The small incisions made during the procedure will not require stitches.

Because there may be some bruising and swelling, we advise that you wait a couple of weeks before you return to the gym or take part in rigorous physical activity. To help speed-up recovery, we usually suggest a course of MLD Massage after your treatment.

The VASER Liposuction aftercare regime following both VASER Hi-Def and VASER Mid-Def is important and does require some commitment from you. Further information will be given about this during your pre-treatment consultation with Dr. Khorsandi.

Tummy Tuck Patient 1

To learn more about VASER Lipo, please call our office for a complimentary consultation with Dr.Kohrsandi at 702-793-2190.