Advantages of WaterLipo®

WaterLipo® treatment

There are many advantages to WaterLipo® using the tumescent technique. First, the patient does not require general anesthesia, minimizing risks and avoiding the side effects such as nausea and prolonged recovery. Second, because WaterLipo® relies on a stream of water to wash out fat uniformly instead of scraping with a cannula, results are more precise and smooth. In addition, because the procedure is so gentle, less tumescent fluid is needed during the procedure which makes it so that the physician can see your results in real time rather than guessing what you will look like in 6 weeks. With the patient being awake this provides tremendous advantages to the liposuction surgeon. The patient has muscle tone and can flex and tighten certain muscles which makes it easier to get more complete and targeted fat removal. Many people ask about what happens to the extra skin after fat has been removed. The answer is that the water seems to create a contracting effect on the skin. In addition, in patients with more skin, Dr. Khorsandi performs the WaterLipo® procedure with both the body jet cannulas AND with laser liposuction to maximize skin retraction. This, along with the Skin Tyte™ treatment a few weeks after a liposuction procedure can have a dramatic skin tightening effect and makes the traditional tummy tuck procedure almost irrelevant.

WaterLipo® is also unique in that the vast majority of patients feel that they can go back to work the next day. That is not to say that some level of soreness is not to be expected for a few days, but patients usually require only over-the-counter pain relievers and have little trouble returning to work or school very quickly.

WaterLipo® is usually less costly than other methods of liposuction. Since the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia without IVs, there is no need for the surgeon to hire an anesthesiologist. In addition, the procedure is most often performed in the attending surgeon’s office, which is more cost-effective than booking a hospital operating room.

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